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Free email package includes: * Generous 1 GB storage * Advanced Web 2.0 email Web Mail Interface * Personal calendar and address book * Inbox folders and message filing just like Outlook * No reading of email for ad targeting * Spam and virus filtering * Service options include registered email and online storage * 25 MB file attachments and more!
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Saved messages are deleted after 60 days of inactivity!
Email interface includes limited, non-intrusive advertisements.
UTF-8 character encoding
Outbound messages sent are fully standards compliant with the Unicode Standard, the internationally recognized standard for multilingual communication on the Internet and all modern computer systems worldwide. Unicode ensures that the characters you use in your message are the same characters that the recipient of your message sees.
Tip: If your recipient no longer sees the correct characters in your message and they are using a webmail service that does not handle Unicode messages properly, they may need to manually set their browser to use Unicode (UTF-8).
Time zone
You can use the local time zone. To set the local time zone:
1. Login to your email. 2. Choose Options. 3. Choose Preferences. 4. From the Time Zone menu, choose the local time zone. 5. Save.
User session expires
For security purposes, the user session will expire (logout) after 2 hours of inactivity. When this occurs, any unsaved changes may be lost.
Tip: If you are using your webmail on a public computer, be sure to choose Logout, and exit/quit the web browser after you are done.
Webmail accounts are web applications that allow users to access their email through a web browser, as an alternative to using an email client. Email is stored remotely on a server, which means that it is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection and a web browser.

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